This functionality is available on Cloud and Enterprise plans.

Integrating Stedi with your internal systems requires transforming Stedi transaction data from Guide JSON into a format that your system can understand.

To keep all your business logic in one place, we recommend using the Stedi Mappings or Functions tools in Stedi Cloud.


Mappings provides a visual interface for building JSON-to-JSON transformations. You can use it to transform data from Stedi’s JSON format into your system’s JSON format, or vice versa.

You can attach a mapping to a Destination webhook so that the webhook you receive contains transformed transaction data. You can also specify a mapping when you call the Generate EDI API. With this approach, Stedi transforms your native data format into Guide JSON before providing it to the Generate EDI API.

To make creating mappings for your integration easier, Stedi allows you to generate a mapping from a Stedi guide.


Functions is a serverless compute service (like AWS Lambda) that lets you run code on Stedi’s infrastructure. If a transformation or operation is too complicated to handle purely within a mapping, you can write and deploy a function to handle it.

You can use event bindings to automatically invoke functions in response to any Stedi event.