APERAK Application error and acknowledgement

TBG3 Transport

The function of this message is: a) to inform a message issuer that his message has been received by the addressee's application and has been rejected due to errors encountered during its processing in the application. b) to acknowledge to a message issuer the receipt of his message by the addressee's application.


Max use
  1. A service segment starting and uniquely identifying a message. The message type code for the Application error and acknowledgement message is APERAK. Note: Application error and acknowledgement messages conforming to this document must contain the following data in segment UNH, composite S009: Data element 0065 APERAK 0052 D 0054 16A 0051 UN

  2. A segment to indicate the type and function of the message and to transmit the identifying number.

  3. A segment to specify related date/time.

  4. A segment to specify free form or processable supplementary information related to the whole message. In computer-to-computer exchanges free form text will normally require the receiver to process this segment manually.

  5. A segment to provide message control totals.

  6. Segment group 1
    Repeat 99
    1. A segment to provide the necessary identification information about the document being acknowledged.

    2. A segment to provide the relevant dates concerning the document being acknowledged.

  7. Segment group 2
    Repeat 9
    1. A segment to indicate the reference number of the document/message.

    2. A segment to specify the date and time of the referenced document/message.

  8. Segment group 3
    Repeat 9
    1. A segment to specify the identification of the message issuer and message receiver.

    2. A segment to specify a person or department inside the party's organization, to which communication should be directed.

    3. A segment to indicate communication channel type and number inside the party's organization, to which communication should be directed.

  9. Segment group 4
    Repeat 99999
    1. A segment identifying the type of application error or acknowledgement within the referenced message. In case of an error, the error code may specify the error in detail (e.g. a measurement relating to a piece of equipment is wrong) or as a rough indication (e.g. a measurement is wrong).

    2. A segment to provide explanation and/or supplementary information related to the specified application error or acknowledgement. For example, the explanation may provide exact details relating to a generic error code.

    3. Segment group 5
      Repeat 9
      1. A segment to provide a reference relating to the acknowledgement type or the specified error (e.g. functional entity reference such as equipment level).

      2. A segment to provide additional details relating to the reference, e.g. the content of the wrong data (and its exact place in the message).

  10. A service segment ending a message, giving the total number of segments in the message (including the UNH & UNT) and the control reference number of the message.

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