306 Action Code

Code indicating type of action.

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 1
2Change (Update)
8In Production Send
9Not Capable of Taking Action
AAdd A Bill of Lading
ADDecrease in Amount
AIIncrease in Amount
AVCancellation Not Effected
Failure to respond to an inquiry did not result in automatic cancellation action
AWMass Cancellation
Universal cancellation of all requisitions initiated by an organization or in support of a special project in response to base closure, unit deactivization, or termination of a special project
AXPartial Cancellation
Cancellation of a portion of the quantity identified in a procurement action
BOUse Both Date and Meter Criteria
DDelete a Bill of Lading
DCDelivered to Another Carrier
DPDelivered to Public Warehouse
HMaster-In-Bond (MIB) Arrival
KIn Production Send and Receive
KARegistration Confirmed
The application requesting registration was favorably acted upon and registration is confirmed
LIn Development/Send
LCLeft at Consignee
MIn Development/Receive
NIn Development/Send and Receive
OIn Test/Send
ORUse Date or Meter Criteria (whichever occurs first)
PIn Test/Receive
QIn Test/Send and Receive
RIn Production Receive
R2Send Record Now
Please send requested record as soon as possible
R3Send Record at End of the Term
Please hold the record and send it at the end of the term after final grades are posted to the record
R4Send Record After Degree is Posted
Please hold the record and send it as soon as the degree has been awarded and posted to the record
R5Send Vocational Record Only
Please send only the vocational portion of the student's educational record
RCReturned to Carrier Facility
RFReturned to Shipper's Facility (Other Than Original Shipping Location)
ROReturned to Original Shipping Location
TStatus Query
Inability to accept for processing due to the lack of required information
A reply or answer
The return to a previous condition or value
ZMutually Defined

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