EDI 242 Data Status Tracking

Functional Group DS

X12C Communications and Controls Subcommittee

This Draft Standard for Trial Use contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Data Status Tracking Transaction Set (242) within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. This management transaction set is the vehicle by which the transmission status information is conveyed by a service request handler to the interchange sender, interchange receiver, or both. It can be used to provide status information regarding interchange as it flows from an interchange sender through one or more service request handlers to an interchange receiver during its transmission cycle.


Max use
  1. To indicate the start of a transaction set and to assign a control number

  2. To indicate the beginning of a transaction set

  3. IIS Loop Mandatory
    Repeat >1
    1. To uniquely identify an interchange

    2. N1 Loop Mandatory
      Repeat 10
      1. To identify a party by type of organization, name, and code

        The N1 segment identifies the source of the following status information.
      2. To specify identifying information

        The REF segment contains reference numbers assigned by the party identified in the N1 segment that further identifies the interchange.
      3. STS Loop Mandatory
        Repeat >1
        1. To identify activity taken with an interchange

          The STS segment provides status as reported by the source identified in the preceding N1 loop.
        2. To specify identifying information

          The REF segment provides reference numbers assigned by the party identified in the N1 segment that further identifies the status or error reported in the STS segment (e.g., file number, message id).
        3. To specify quantity information

          The QTY segments can be used to report aggregate control counts (e.g., number of functional groups, transactions and segments) that were contained in the interchange that is being tracked.
  4. To indicate the end of the transaction set and provide the count of the transmitted segments (including the beginning (ST) and ending (SE) segments)

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