305 Transaction Handling Code

Code specifying the action to be taken by all parties

Identifier (ID)
Min 1 / Max 2
AOff Invoice (Deduction from Original Invoice)
BDebit/Credit Advice No Remittance Detail
CPayment Accompanies Remittance Advice
DMake Payment Only
EDebit/Credit Advice with Remittance Detail
FPlan and Submit Suggested Purchase Order(s)
GPlan Order(s) and Ship Product
HNotification Only
IRemittance Information Only
JPayment Requested (Adjustment to Account)
KReimbursement to Follow
LApply on Account
MMemo/Additional Remittance Detail
NCheck Issuance Notice
ODeduct from Next Remittance
PPrenotification of Future Transfers
QCredit Due, Payment Being Issued
RRecurring Debit Authorization
SSingle Debit Authorization
TAdjustment Requested
USplit Payment and Remittance
XHandling Party's Option to Split Payment and Remittance
ZMutually Defined

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