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Blog July 12, 2022

Introducing serverless SFTP and infinitely-scalable data storage

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Kasia Fojucik
Building an EDI system or B2B integration requires a secure, scalable way to exchange files with trading partners. With Stedi SFTP, developers can provision users and begin transferring files in seconds. Files received via Stedi SFTP are immediately available in Stedi Buckets - a simple, reliable data store – for further processing. With a usage-based pricing model and no servers to manage, builders can easily offer SFTP connectivity to their trading partners as part of a new or existing B2B workflow without incurring fixed costs or operational overhead.

Starting today, both Stedi SFTP and Buckets are now Generally Available.


  • Provision SFTP users via the Stedi dashboard or the API
  • Securely manage credentials
  • Scale to an unlimited number of trading partners
  • Send, receive, and store an unlimited number of files

Where Stedi SFTP fits in

Stedi SFTP works for any workflow requiring file transfer between trading partners. If you’re building an EDI integration, you could use Stedi SFTP to:

  • Receive EDI files from your trading partner via SFTP, and retrieve those files using the Buckets SDK
  • Using the Buckets SDK, send EDI files for your trading partner to pick up via SFTP.
Stedi SFTP is fully integrated with Stedi Buckets. When you upload files programmatically via the Buckets SDK, those files are available to your trading partner via their SFTP credentials. And each time your trading partner uploads files via SFTP, those files are available via the Buckets SDK, too. Check out the Buckets documentation for more details.
A diagram showing how Buckets work

Using Stedi SFTP

The first step is to create an SFTP user, which you can do via the SFTP UI or via the API. Once you have the generated credentials, you can connect to the SFTP endpoint using your favorite SFTP client:
sftp's password:
Connected to
After you've uploaded a file via your SFTP client, you can retrieve the file via Stedi's Buckets SDK using the following code:
// Stedi SDK example for GetObject from your local machine

import { BucketsClient, GetObjectCommand } from "@stedi/sdk-client-buckets";
import consumers from 'stream/consumers';

// Enter your Stedi API key here
const apiKey = "<your-stedi-api-key>"; // Change this to your Stedi API key

async function main() {

 // create a new BucketsClient to the Stedi US region
 const stediclient = new BucketsClient({
  region: "us",
  apiKey: apiKey

 // Prepare a GetObject command
 const getObject = new GetObjectCommand(
   bucketName: "your-stedi-bucket" // Change this to your existing Bucket name
   key: "document.txt" // Change this to an existing object name

 // Send the request to GetObject request to Stedi
 const getObjectOutput = await stediclient.send(getObject);

 // Pretty print the object output
 console.log(await consumers.text(getObjectOutput.body));


// Run the main function

In this example, we've printed the file as a string, but you could also write it to a file on your disk.

Stedi SFTP pricing

Stedi SFTP is billed based on the number of files and the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. There are no minimum fees, no monthly commitments, and no upfront costs to use Stedi SFTP. Visit the pricing page for more details.
SFTP is backed by Stedi Buckets for file storage and retrieval, and related storage and data transfer charges will be billed separately. Visit the pricing page for more details.

Stedi SFTP and Stedi Buckets are now Generally Available

Stedi SFTP offers a hassle-free way to provision SFTP access as part of your EDI solution or B2B integration, without any operational overhead or minimum cost. It gives developers the ability to configure SFTP access for their trading partners via the UI or API. Developers can programmatically access the same files using the Stedi Buckets SDK.

It's easy to try out for yourself. The User Guide describes how to get started with SFTP. For all the details, check out the API reference for SFTP and Buckets. We have a generous free tier, so there's no need to worry about costs while you're experimenting.
Exchange files over serverless SFTP

Serverless SFTP endpoint for exchanging files at any volume. Provision users instantly via API and send an unlimited number of files via SFTP or FTPS, without any operational overhead.

Try SFTP Learn more 
Object storage for all your documents

Access data uploaded to an SFTP endpoint, read/write documents and build powerful integrations based on document events.

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