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We’re rebuilding the technological backbone of the B2B economy. Trillions of dollars flow annually through a global network of commerce via an archaic framework called EDI, but there hasn’t been a major new EDI platform in over a decade. Developers at businesses of every size use our software to exchange transactions like purchase orders, invoices, and more with their trading partners around the world.

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Stedi’s goal is to automate every B2B transaction on the planet; we drive towards this goal by providing a flexible platform for building powerful EDI systems at the lowest possible price.

A prerequisite is maintaining minimum operating costs without endangering the company’s future development. This requires a relentless drive towards simplicity and an uncompromising thoroughness in identifying and implementing daily improvements. Come and join us on this journey.

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Stedi has raised $71 million in funding and is backed by top investors.

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  1. Meaningful equity

    We're building for the long term in a massive, underserved market.

  2. Unlimited vacation

    Take the time you need to travel, rest, and reconnect with friends and family.

  3. Medical, dental, & vision insurance

    Joining a startup shouldn't require quality of life tradeoffs.

  4. Top of market compensation

    We target 90th percentile total cash benchmarked to the SF Bay Area.

  5. Globally distributed team

    We hire the best people we can find, regardless of location.

  6. Paid parental leave

    There's no need to choose between work and family.



Constantly deliver business value

Focus on solving problems, big and small, for our business every day. Your daily contributions are critical to our success in delighting customers and excelling in our market.

Be customer obsessed

Our customers expect us to be experts and look to us for guidance and best practices. Go deep when understanding customer use-cases and strive to help them solve their most meaningful business challenges. Gain as much experience with customer problems as possible, and leverage this experience to impact your product.

Create and execute your own work

Find the highest impact work that needs to be done for the company, and do it. Pull on a valuable thread and see it through to completion. Odds are you will uncover other threads as you work. If you don’t know where to start, ask.

Everything is important

Make everything you do high-quality and simple. Cut scope until a high bar with meaningful impact is quickly achievable, and then relentlessly raise the bar and expand scope as necessary to achieve business goals.

Be present

Your presence impacts every aspect of our business. Showing up is not enough; like a sports team, the outcomes are greater when it’s a tight-knit group with no one on the periphery.

Be negative maintenance

The opposite of high maintenance isn’t low maintenance – it’s negative maintenance: being poised under pressure, self-motivating, self-improving, self-disciplined, self-aware, and non-defensive.

Be curious

Dive deep and become a master of your craft. Cultivate a relentless thirst for learning through reading, listening, watching, sharing, and teaching – from sources new and old – with interminable curiosity and patience. 

Operational obsession

Eliminate toil wherever you find it

Prioritize eliminating menial work and spend your time on high-value deliverables. Waste is our existential risk; it leads to uncompetitiveness, frustration, disengagement, and joylessness. Live by a process of continuous improvement where waste is eliminated any time and place it’s found. If it hurts, do it more often – and then solve the underlying problem.

Apply the minimum effective dose

Be a master of implementing what is common sense, reasonable, and minimally necessary – without choosing a shortcut simply because it’s easier. Practice fanatical simplicity and a focus on fundamentals – these lead to extremely high quality and extremely low costs that are impossible to match.

Write important things down

When you make decisions and have arrived at a solution, document it and share it so that others don’t revisit ideas unnecessarily. There is discipline in writing. The writing process clarifies the problems we are solving, solutions, decisions, and iterations.

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    1. Growth Marketing Lead 
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    1. EDI Implementation Engineer 
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