Build EDI integrations fast

Parse your first EDI file in minutes. Create end-to-end flows to read and write EDI with complete visibility into your transactions. Extend Stedi’s event-driven architecture to fulfill any requirement.

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Take control of your EDI

User interface depicting the partnership relation

Shorten your timelines

Configure, test, and modify every partner integration without opening a support case. We’re happy to help, but we’ll never block you.

Access all your data

View transaction activity in real time.

Filter data or use a business identifier such as a PO number to locate specific transactions.

Inspect and export raw data for testing or additional analysis.

User interface depicting information about the transaction
User interface depicting information about the transaction
User interface depicting errors in EDI data
User interface depicting errors in EDI data
User interface depicting errors in EDI data
User interface depicting errors in EDI data

Unblock yourself

Diagnose issues quickly with clear, helpful error messages.

Inspect files in your browser to identify EDI formatting problems, missing or incorrect codes, and more.

Retry files at any time to get back on track.

Onboard trading partners fast

“Stedi's X12 HIPAA guides are a great way to skip the traditional back-and-forth of PDF guides and sample files. We have been able to cut implementation fees with some partners by five-figure amounts because we can generate valid data so quickly.

Our partners also appreciate that we can handle integrations ourselves”

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Russell Pekala, Co-Founder of Yuzu Health

Configure integrations in minutes

Define relationships between you and trading partners in just a few clicks. Quickly set up SFTP/FTPS or AS2 connections and map data into any shape you need.

Reduce partner onboarding time

Share EDI requirements as Public Guides with interactive validation against the guide’s specifications. Find and fix errors in EDI test files instantly, instead of spending weeks on back-and-forth troubleshooting.

Guides documentation

Pre-built trading partner specifications

Browse our public catalog of Stedi guides containing machine-readable EDI requirements for popular trading partners.

Instantly import guides into your Stedi account for free and use them to validate and write EDI according to your partner's requirements.

EDI Guide Catalog

EDI Guide Catalog
EDI Guide Catalog
EDI Guide Catalog
EDI Guide Catalog

Fulfill any requirement

User interface depicting an event-based function lifecycle
User interface depicting an event-based function lifecycle

Endlessly extensible

Run event-driven Stedi Functions to customize your integrations and achieve any goal.

Functions documentation

Infinitely scalable

Stedi runs on high-availability cloud infrastructure that scales instantly. You don't need to install software, manage servers, or negotiate new contracts as your business grows.

Handle any X12 transaction

Read and write any X12 or X12 HIPAA transaction from any trading partner in any industry, including logistics, transportation, retail, and healthcare.

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Everything you need to get to production (and beyond)


Stedi runs on scalable infrastructure backed by public SLAs. Our products are HIPAA-eligible and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

Transparent pricing

Public pricing with no hidden fees. Free tier for evaluation, so you can see whether Stedi meets your needs before committing to a full solution.

Familiar protocols and formats

Turn EDI into JSON, a familiar format for developers. We support AS2, SFTP, and FTPS protocols for secure data exchange with your trading partners.

Pre-built templates

Start with templates for common orchestration tasks. Deploy our reference implementation for an example end-to-end system that demonstrates best practices.

Integrated EDI guidance

Get to production faster with clear error messages and implementation tips based on the X12 EDI specification. EDI Reference also offers full documentation for every X12 and EDIFACT release with fast, full-text search.

Free, hands-on support

Our customer engineering team shares best practices, helps you design your integration, troubleshoots issues, and more. We also offer detailed product documentation, including tutorials and API and SDK references.

Latest Release

Define EDI requirements easily using a no-code visual interface. The output is an artifact that can be used to share interactive documentation, or for parsing, generating, or validating X12 EDI documents.

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From the blog
What makes EDI so hard?

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – is an umbrella term for many different “standardized” frameworks for exchanging business-to-business transactions. It dates back to the 1960s and remains a pain point in every commercial industry from supply chain and logistics to healthcare and finance. What makes it so hard? Why is it still an unsolved problem despite many decades of immense usage?

Zack Kanter
Zack Kanter
Founder & CEO

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