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Highly scalable, lossless X12 EDI — JSON translation made simple, so you can build automated EDI implementations that integrate with your existing systems. All on a secure API-first platform that scales with the demands and complexity of your business.

  1. Debug any X12 transaction
  2. Lossless translation between EDI and JSON
  3. Build on a high availability serverless architecture
  4. Transparent usage-based pricing
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ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*STEDI          *ZZ*ACME           *210901*1234*U*00801*000000001*0*T*>~
REF*K6*Build flexible EDI systems~
PO1**1*2P*0.0001*PC*GE*EDI Core~
> curl -X POST ...
X12 EDI segment
REF*K8*Build flexible EDI systems~
JEDI segment
"3500_REF": [ // Reference Information
    // Reference Identification Qualifier
    "01": "K8",
    // Reference Identification
    "02": "Build flexible EDI systems",
Open EDI inspector
Validation error
Invalid code value specified for element REF-01

Convert EDI to JSON and back for easy manipulation

REST API for converting EDI to JSON and back makes integrating EDI with modern tech stacks much easier. No specialist EDI knowledge required. No need to write your own parser or manage 3rd party libraries.

Validate and translate X12 EDI documents

Programmatically validate any X12 EDI file against all 321 transaction sets across all X12 releases. Receive instant and actionable error messages for malformed X12 EDI documents so you can troubleshoot.

Self-service, highly scalable,
and pay-per-use

Stedi’s serverless architecture and low cost, pay-per-use pricing scales with you. There are no minimum fees, monthly commitments, or upfront costs to use our products and APIs.

Comprehensive tools and resources that make working with EDI easier

Search and reference X12, inspect EDI documents, and validate against popular EDI guides from the world’s largest companies.

View EDI resources 

EDI development 
as it should be

EDI is a pain to work with, but it doesn’t have to be. Stedi is lifting EDI into the modern era with today’s best practices in software engineering. We’re building a platform that allows developers to automate all business transactions. It’s composable, it’s scalable, and you only pay for what you actually use.

Stedi cares about the developer experience. We aim to deliver flexible products and you are free to pick only the ones you need to construct your specific EDI solution. We’re building the primitives necessary to build end-to-end integrations, regardless of the existing business systems you or your trading partners are using.

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