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December 4, 2023

Nathan James massively simplifies EDI workflows with Stedi

Nathan James anticipates that their EDI capabilities will be roughly 50% less expensive than their current solution, with a significantly lower maintenance burden.

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Gnosis Freight uses Stedi to unlock major customer deal

Gnosis Freight used Stedi to build EDI integrations with eight third-party logistics providers in a matter of weeks, unlocking a major contract with a large commercial retailer.


Americanflat supercharges deployment speed with Stedi and Surpass

The Surpass team used Stedi to configure EDI integrations for multiple retailers simultaneously, in just a few days.


Transervice Integrated Solutions resolves major EDI pain points with Stedi

Transervice Integrated Solutions reduced EDI integration timelines from weeks to days.


Mothership uses Stedi to streamline business operations

Mothership can more efficiently handle the large volumes of data they receive from their network of carriers.

“Our first retail partner gave us a deadline to integrate EDI, and we had no existing solution. Within a few weeks of meeting with the Stedi team for a demo, we had a production integration live that translates EDI to and from a custom CSV format that we defined in NetSuite. At every step, the customer engineering team remained incredibly responsive and helpful.

We are so impressed by how quickly we can onboard new retailers as our business grows.”

Michelle Frey-Tarbox, Director of Operations at Shinesty

Yuzu closes new health partnerships in hours with Stedi

Yuzu can now customize EDI guides, establish an FTP connection, and demonstrate automatic file processing, all on the first call with new partners.


Logistics platform Pallet accelerates growth with Stedi

Pallet has reduced partner onboarding time from weeks to 2-3 days, and EDI ticket resolution is down from an average of 4-5 hours to 20-30 minutes.


CloudTrucks uses Stedi to quickly expand its partner network 

Each new EDI integration takes just a few business days to implement and requires minimal engineering effort.

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