Bootstrap: Configure a simple, end-to-end EDI workflowJanuary 23, 2023

Stedi creates building blocks for custom, end-to-end EDI integrations. Now, our bootstrap repository lets you quickly configure and run a sample implementation that reads and writes EDI documents from your Stedi account.

The bootstrap implementation uses the following steps to handle inbound EDI:

  1. You add EDI documents to a Stedi Bucket.
  2. New EDI documents automatically invoke a Stedi Function that processes this data payload.
  3. The function calls the EDI Translate API to transform the EDI data into JSON. The transformation requires a Stedi Guide to map EDI fields to JSON fields.
  4. The function sends the JSON document to a webhook.
The bootstrap implementation has a similar workflow for generating outbound EDI. Your EDI flows may differ from these simple examples, but the bootstrap is an excellent starting point for your first integration. We encourage you to Contact us as you get started with Stedi, so our team can help you customize the bootstrap workflow for your use case.

Build EDI integrations fast, without being an EDI expert

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