Configure remote and Stedi-hosted SFTP connections directly in Stedi CoreJuly 14, 2023

You can now configure both Stedi-hosted and remote SFTP / FTPS connections from within Stedi Core. Connections tell Core where to retrieve and send files for each trading partner.
  • For SFTP connections, Stedi creates and hosts a fully-managed FTP server. You specify an inbound directory where your partners can add EDI files for Core to automatically process and an outbound directory where Core will deposit generated EDI files for your partners to retrieve. After creation, you can share the autogenerated SFTP user credentials with your trading partners to begin securely exchanging files.
  • For remote SFTP, you can choose how often Core polls for new files, and you can fetch files manually at any time for testing and troubleshooting. Core automatically deposits generated EDI files in the specified outbound directory.
Visit the connections documentation for full details and instructions.

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