Guide builder now shows warnings for missing ID element codesOctober 6, 2023

Stedi's guide builder now shows warnings when an ID element does not specify the set of allowed codes. You can see which fields are missing ID codes and specify the allowed values from the provided list or supply your custom codes.

Code warnings are available to help improve the quality of your guides, and you can ignore them without affecting Stedi's ability to use the guide for EDI processing. Warnings only appear for ID fields where the X12 specification includes the allowed code values. For example, they will not appear for State or Province codes.

Why element codes are important

ID element codes are a powerful component of the X12 EDI specification to provide additional information about data fields and reference well-known values. For example, you can use ID codes to specify the currency code of a monetary value, the meaning of a date value, or the reason for a shipment delay.

Many elements offer 1,000 or more possible codes, but most trading partners only expect to use just one or a few of these values. If a guide does not indicate which codes are accepted, trading partners often have to engage in costly follow-up with EDI departments or conduct multiple rounds of testing as they discover more code values in use.

The new warnings in Stedi's guide builder help ensure you and your trading partners work with the most accurate EDI specifications on the market.

Warnings in guide builder

Pre-built guides: Instead of building guides from scratch, you can find hundreds of free guides for popular trading partners in the Stedi Network.


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