Role-based access control for Enterprise plansSeptember 28, 2023

Stedi accounts on the Enterprise pricing plan can now use role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure only authorized users can access and modify account resources.

Admins can assign account members to one of four roles:

  • Admin: These users can access and modify all resources within a Stedi account. This includes adding and removing members, assigning member roles, adding billing information, switching between pricing plans, configuring Partnerships, generating EDI files, and configuring resources like Mappings and Functions.
  • Developer: These users can access and configure all resources, such as Partnerships, Mappings, and Functions.
  • Operator: These users can access and configure Partnerships, Guides, and Mappings. They can interact with developer resources like Functions, but cannot modify them. For example, they can invoke existing Stedi functions, but cannot change them or add new functions.
  • Read-only: These users can view account resources, but cannot modify them. For example, they can review processed transactions in Stedi's interface but cannot call the Generate EDI API or edit partnership details.

To change a member's role, go to Settings > Members in your account. Click the pencil icon for a member, choose a Role from the list, and click Update role.


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