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CloudTrucks uses Stedi to quickly expand its partner network

CloudTrucks offers a transportation management system (TMS) that helps owner-operators and trucking carriers grow and manage their own trucking businesses. Customers can use the CloudTrucks app to centralize and streamline fleet operations end to end, including booking loads from thousands of sources, scheduling, dispatching, monitoring load status, and managing invoices, job payments, and business revenue.


EDI integrations with top-tier brands allow CloudTrucks to offer exclusive contract freight and dedicated lanes for their customers. The team approached Stedi after landing Walmart.

To ingest 204 Load Tender requests from Walmart, CloudTrucks needed an EDI solution that supports AS2 connectivity. CloudTrucks also wanted to be able to onboard additional brands fast, without weeks of back-and-forth troubleshooting.

Finally, CloudTrucks needed an EDI solution that would enable their operations team to easily monitor inbound and outbound EDI transactions, diagnose and fix issues, and manually send EDI files to partners when required. This would allow CloudTrucks to provide a world-class customer experience while allowing engineering to focus on their core business.


CloudTrucks used Stedi to build EDI capabilities into their platform and successfully expand their partner network.

For each integration, CloudTrucks configures AS2 or FTP connectivity to securely exchange EDI documents, depending on the partner’s requirements. Then, they configure webhooks to send processed transaction data from Stedi to CloudTruck’s database. Rather than build custom middleware, CloudTrucks uses Stedi’s mapping tool to transform Stedi's JSON transaction format to and from CloudTruck’s native API shape.

Once an integration is live, the CloudTrucks operations team can use Stedi’s interface to independently monitor and manage the entire pipeline. This includes creating and sending invoices and shipment statuses to partners instantly from their web browsers.

Julia Gass, Payment Operations at CloudTrucks, says Stedi has greatly increased her team’s velocity.
“We can completely resolve issues without requiring engineering help or opening a support case. This level of understanding and control over each integration helps us create the best possible experience for our customers and brand partners.”


Since integrating with Walmart, CloudTrucks has successfully integrated with eight additional partners and plans to add more in the coming months. Each integration takes just a few business days to implement and requires minimal engineering effort.

Madhukrishna Josyula, Product Management at CloudTrucks, reflects on the partnership, “Stedi provides so much value to our customers and our business, and the team’s expert guidance helped us avoid common pitfalls and get to production fast.”

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