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Transervice Integrated Solutions resolves major EDI pain points with Stedi

Transervice Integrated Solutions (TIS) uses cutting-edge technology to execute and solve complex logistics challenges. With the TIS Transportation Management System (TMS), shippers can manage and automate shipping operations in partnership with a team of dedicated logistics professionals. TIS is headquartered in the freight and technology hub of Los Angeles, CA, with offices across North America.


TIS needed to update its EDI capabilities to onboard trading partners more efficiently. 

“Every new EDI integration took weeks or sometimes even months, largely because each trading partner does things differently,” explains Adrian Duyzer, VP of Technology at TIS. “We needed a solution that could help us accommodate these differences without custom software development for each new integration.”

Adrian wanted an EDI solution with a clean, modern interface and an intuitive design. When he found Stedi’s EDI Inspector, he was immediately impressed. “I thought, wow, these people get it. They made debugging EDI test files easier by an order of magnitude. Signing up for the Stedi platform was the obvious next step.”


Adrian used Stedi to revamp the EDI capabilities at TIS and reduced the timeline for new integrations from weeks to days. 

For each integration, Stedi translates inbound 204 Load Tenders to JSON. TIS then uses Stedi mappings to transform that JSON into the required shape for their internal API. To send outbound responses and shipment statuses, TIS maps data from their platform into Stedi’s JSON shape before calling the Generate EDI API.   

Their modernization efforts with Stedi also enabled Adrian and his team to quickly resolve a massive pain point for one of their trading partners.

To improve real-time shipment tracking, the partner requested GPS coordinates within each 214 Transportation Carrier Status Message. Adrian wrote a simple Stedi function to retrieve the latitude and longitude of each shipment, generate custom 214 statuses with those coordinates, and send the generated files to the trading partner’s API.  

“We were able to give them the data they wanted with very little development effort on either side. They were astonished that we could deliver these custom status messages to them four days after they made the request,” says Adrian.


With Stedi, EDI integrations at TIS are significantly less painful.
“The platform assumes and handles 90% of the variability between each trading partner,” says Adrian. “Stedi also removes a lot of EDI’s obscurity because you get to work with the technologies and data formats that most developers already know and prefer.”

Throughout the relationship, Adrian says he has appreciated Stedi’s dedication to customer success:  “It feels like a partnership. On multiple occasions, Stedi added our requested features to their roadmap, and the team fixes bugs faster than any other company I’ve worked with.” 

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