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Blog June 6, 2023

Stedi Core: EDI integrations in minutes, no assembly required

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Over the past 18 months, Stedi launched eight key building blocks for developing EDI systems.

We designed these developer-focused products to address the major flaws in existing EDI solutions: a lack of control, extensibility, or both. While our building blocks solved these problems, stitching them together into an end-to-end EDI integration still required substantial development effort—until today.

We are excited to introduce Stedi Core, a turn-key, event-driven EDI system that allows you to configure EDI integrations in minutes without being an EDI or development expert.

Stedi Core: The hub for EDI integrations

Core is bi-directional and can translate inbound EDI to JSON and generate outbound EDI from JSON—for any of the 300+ transaction sets across every X12 version release. Core allows you to configure any EDI integration with your trading partners and provides complete visibility into your transactions.

With Core, you can:

  • Manage relationships between you and your trading partners.
  • Configure secure file exchange, including SFTP, FTPS, FTP, AS2, and HTTP.
  • Use machine-readable Stedi Guides to validate and generate EDI according to partner requirements.
  • Monitor, filter, and inspect real-time data for all inbound and outbound transactions.
  • Troubleshoot and retry errors to unblock your pipeline without opening a support case.
Core emits rich events that can trigger Stedi Functions. Functions run custom code that can perform actions within Stedi or call out to external systems such as ERPs, Slack, PagerDuty, and any other destination you choose—including your own custom APIs.

Configure an EDI integration in minutes

With Core, you create partnerships to define the transaction types you’ll exchange with each trading partner and how Core should process each transaction. Core uses partnership configurations to validate and parse inbound EDI and to generate and deliver outbound EDI. Outbound files contain all required envelope information, including auto-generated control numbers.

You can set up connections for each partnership to securely exchange EDI files. Stedi supports file exchange via SFTP, FTPS, FTP, AS2, and HTTP.

When you associate a Stedi guide with a transaction type in a partnership, Core validates inbound EDI and generates outbound EDI according to the guide’s specifications. Our public EDI Guide Catalog contains pre-built guides for popular trading partners to use for your integrations. You can also build custom guides or parse inbound EDI using the base X12 specification.
Partnership settings

Run custom code for any requirement

After configuring Core, you can use Stedi Functions to react to success and failure events from Core, integrate Stedi with your internal and third-party systems, or run custom code to transform data and fulfill any requirement.

Create event binding in Functions UI

You can also use the following capabilities with functions to address the most common integration tasks:

  • Stedi Mappings helps you transform data from one JSON shape to another. For example, you can map data from an EDI transaction set, like a purchase order, to your ERP data schema—or vice versa.
  • Stedi Buckets offer unlimited storage for all your documents and any other object data.
  • Stedi Stash is an infinitely scalable key-value data store that you can use to store custom configurations and reference data, such as product or vendor lookups and tracking information.

Own your integrations and your data

Core gives you complete control over your EDI integrations. You can build, test, and modify every integration quickly and on your timeline. Our onboarding team is always here to help, but we'll never block you.

Core allows you to search, inspect, and debug real-time transaction data. You can view both individual transactions and entire files as well as filter by transaction type, use case (production or test), sender or receiver, specific business identifiers (such as PO numbers), and more.

To help with testing and debugging, Core shows detailed error messages and resolution tips based on the X12 EDI specification. After you fix an issue, you can retry files anytime to unblock your pipeline.

Inspecting errors

Get started

Stedi Core handles all the hardest parts of building an EDI integration, allowing you to onboard new trading partners faster and focus development efforts on the functionality unique to your business.

"Stedi Core has made me look like a superstar to my clients and trading partners.

EDI setup and trading partner testing have become seamless, and the full visibility into file executions and transaction flows makes Stedi the new industry standard for organizations of all sizes. I have worked in the EDI space since 2012, and I can say unequivocally that Stedi is the future!"

– Paul Tittel - Founder, Surpass Solutions Inc.
Book a demo with our onboarding team, and we’ll help you set up Stedi Core for your first trading partner, or check out the docs. Core has a generous free tier for evaluation and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
Hub for EDI integrations

Build an end-to-end integration in under 15 minutes. Automate exchanging EDI with any trading partner. Monitor transaction history and analyze your EDI data in real time.

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