128 Reference Number Qualifier

Code qualifying the Reference Number.

Identifier (ID)
Min 2 / Max 2
01American Bankers Assoc. (ABA) Transit/Routing Number (Including Check Digit, 9 Digits)
1ABlue Cross Provider Number
1BBlue Shield Provider Number
1CMedicare Provider Number
1DMedicaid Provider Number
1EDentist License Number
1FAnesthesia License Number
1GProvider Upin Number
1HChampus Identification Number
1IDepartment of Defense Identification Code (DoDIC)
Qualifies a code that uniquely identifies a type of explosive or ammunition
1JFacility ID Number
1KPayor's Claim Number
1LGroup or Policy Number
1MPreferred Provider Organization Site Number
An identification number used to identify the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and/or its office location
1NDiagnosis Related Group (DRG) Number
1OConsolidation Shipment Number
Qualifies a single number that is a key to a group of individual shipment numbers
1PAccessorial Status Code
Qualifies a single number that describes the status of an accessorial transportation service
1QError Identification Code
Qualifies a single number that describes an error found in application-level data
1RStorage Information Code
Qualifies text data that describes a storage facility used for transportation services
1SAmbulatory Patient Group (APG) Number
1TResource Utilization Group (RUG) Number
1UPay Grade
1VRelated Vendor Order Number
A vendor's order number that is in addition to a primary order number
1WMember Identification Number
Unique identification number assigned to each member under a subscriber's contract
1XComplaint Code
1YRepair Action Number
1ZFinancial Detail Code
02Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T.) Identification (8 or 11 Characters)
2BTerminal Release Order Number
Cargo number assigned to staged material
2DAeronautical Equipment Reference Number (AERNO)
A unique number assigned to a particular piece of government-furnished aeronautical equipment
2EForeign Military Sales Case Number
A reference number designating the foreign military sale records
2FConsolidated Invoice Number
03Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) Participant Number (3 or 4 Digits)
3PThird Party Originator Number
Number identifying the organization acting as a correspondent in originating a loan
04Canadian Bank Branch and Institution Number
05Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) User Identification (6 digits)
06System Number
A unique number assigned by the manufacturer to identify the initial computer system sold to the customer
07Add-On System Number
A unique number assigned by the manufacturer to identify additional products added to or used by the customer in the initial system
08Carrier Assigned Package Identification Number
A reference number assigned by a carrier to uniquely identify a single package
09Customs Bar Code Number
10Account Managers Code
Identifies the telecommunications manager assigned to this account
11Account Number
Number identifies a telecommunications industry account
12Billing Account
Account number under which billing is rendered
13Horizontal Coordinate
Positional address, horizontal component. The assigned address is based upon a grid mapping scheme
14Master Account Number
Account number used to represent individual billing accounts which have been consolidated and/or summarized
15Vertical Coordinate
Positional Address, Vertical component. The assigned address is based upon a grid mapping scheme
16Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) Number
A specific form used to transmit obligation authority (dollars) and requirements between a service or agency requiring a purchase and a military service or agency responsible for procuring the requirement
17Client Reporting Category
Code assigned by the client to categorize participants for reporting requirements
18Plan Number
The unique identification number assigned for a defined contribution plan
19Division Identifier
20Repair Part Number
Code assigned by a company to represent internal delivery points
21American Gas Association Equation Number
Indicates which American Gas Association (AGA) equation was used to calculate the volumes reported
22Special Charge or Allowance Code
23Client Number
25Reason Not Lowest Cost Code
Qualifies a code that identifies why a service/rate other than the least costly service/rate was used
27Insuror Pool Identification Number
28Employee Identification Number for Employer Usage
29Foreclosure Account Number
30United States Government Visa Number
31Docket Number
32Account Number
33Lender Case Number
34Loan Request Number
35Multifamily Project Number
36Underwriter Identification Number
37Condominium Identification Number
38Master Policy Number
39Proposal Number
40Lease Schedule Number - Replacement
41Lease Schedule Number - Prior
42Phone Calls
43Supporting Document Number
Supports or clarifies information and values represented in a document
44End Use Number
Represents the final use or form of the material being manufactured or sold
45Old Account Number
Identifies accounts being changed
46Old Meter Number
Identifies meters being removed
47Plate Number
48Agency's Student Number. This is the number assigned by an agency other than the institution sending the record.
Student number assigned by an agency other than the institution sending or receiving the record
49Family Unit Number
An identification number assigned to siblings within the same family
50State Student Identification Number
A student identification number assigned by the state education agency to students enrolled in state schools
51Picture Number
52SWIFT (MT 100)
53SWIFT (MT 202)
54FEDWIRE (Federal Wire Transfer)
55Sequence Number
56Corrected Social Security Number
57Prior Incorrect Social Security Number
58Corrected Batch Number
59Prior Incorrect Batch Number
60Account Suffix Code
61Immediate Transportation No. for in bond movement
62Transportation Exportation No.for in Bond Movement
63Immediate exportation No. for in bond movement
64Transit No. for in Bond Movement
65Total Order Cycle Number
66Previous Policy Number
67Previous Claim History Identifier
68Dental Insurance Account Number
69Dental Insurance Policy Number
70Calendar Number
Identifies a working calendar (for example, Monday through Friday) for a company, division, or labor group
71(Working) Shift Number
Identifies a working shift for a company with multiple working shifts per day
72Schedule Reference Number
Identifies a number for a program schedule (for example, a logic type of network) or working schedule to complete a specific task or set of tasks
73Statement of Work (SOW)
Description of a product or service to be procured under a contract; statement of requirements
74Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
A product-oriented family tree composed of hardware, software, services, and data that completely defines the project or program
75Organization Breakdown Structure
A functionally oriented family tree that shows organization relationships and is used as the framework for assigning work responsibilities
A specific event that can be identified as occurring at a specific time
77Work Package
A detailed, short span task or material item identified by a contractor for doing the work required to complete the contract
78Planning Package
A logical aggregation of work within a cost account (see code 79) that can be identified and budgeted, but not yet defined into work packages
79Cost Account
A management control point for cost and schedule planning and control; it represents that work assigned to one responsible organization element and to one work breakdown structure element
80Charge Number
A number used by financial systems to identify accounts for costs incurred on a contract
81Symbol Number (for Milestone or LOB reports)
Symbols are used for graphical representation on Milestone schedule reports and Line of Balance reports; the various symbols indicate planned, revised, completed, and slipped events; symbols used are mutually agreed upon between supplier and customer
82Data Item Description (DID) Reference
Specific data elements that the government will ask a contractor to provide and are spelled out in specific requirement documents
83Extended (or Exhibit) Line Item Number (ELIN)
Identifies specific line items to be delivered for a contract
84Contractor Data Requirements List (CDRL)
Government or customer specific deliverables identified by line item; referenced on shipping details, etc
85Subcontractor Data Requirements (SDRL)
Line item deliverables that a subcontractor is responsible for
86Operation Number
Identifies a specific operation number as part of the manufacturing process for a part or product
87Functional Category
An organization or groups of organizations with a common operational orientation such as Quality Control Engineering, etc
88Work Center
Identifies a specific work area in a manufacturing process
89Assembly Number
Identifies specific assemblies in the manufacturing process
90Subassembly Number
Components of assemblies
91Cost Element
A subdivision of costs defined by the accounting structure and the level that costs are recorded at within a cost accounting system (examples are labor, material, other direct costs)
92Change Document Number
Reference numbers to track changes made to a contract
93Funds Authorization
Reference numbers to identify funds authorization (document or other reference number) in the government contracting environment
95Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Number
96Stock Certificate Number
97Package Number
A serial number indicating unit shipped
98Container/Packaging Specification Number
A numeric or alphanumeric identification assigned to a unique packaging/container configuration
99Rate Conference ID Code
A group which publishes transportation rates for a group of transportation carriers
A1Analysis number/Test number
A2Disability Insurance Account Number
A3Assigment Number
A4Disability Insurance Policy Number
A5Educational Institution Identification Number
A6Employee Identification Number
A7Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Account Number
A8Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Policy Number
A9Health Insurance Account Number
AAAccounts Receivable Statement Number
ABAcceptable Source Purchaser ID
ACAir Cargo Transfer Manifest
ADAcceptable Source DUNS Number
AEAuthorization for Expense (AFE) Number
AFAirlines Flight Identification Number
AGAgent's Shipment Number
AHAgreement Number
AIAssociated Invoices
AJAccounts Receivable Customer Account
AKSending Company Audit Number (Automated Clearinghouse Transfers)
ALAccounting (Equipment) Location Number
AMAdjustment Memo (Charge Back)
ANAssociated Purchase Orders
AOAppointment Number
APAccounts Receivable Number
AQAccess Code
Identifies difficulties in accessing subassembly or part requiring repair
ARArrival Code
ASAcceptable Source Supplier ID
ATAppropriation Number
AUAuthorization to Meet Competition No.
AVHealth Insurance Rating Account Number
AWAir Waybill Number
AXGovernment Accounting Class Reference Number (ACRN)
AYFloor Plan Approval Number
Authorization number supplied by a finance company prior to shipment of product
AZHealth Insurance Policy Number
B1Lessee Bill Code Number
B2Axle Ratio
Numerical gear ratio of an axle drivetrain
B3Preferred Provider Organization Number
B4Bilateral Car Service Agreements
B5Health Insurance Rating Suffix Code
B6Life Insurance Billing Account Number
B7Life Insurance Policy Number
B8Life Insurance Billing Suffix Code
B9Retirement Plan Account Number
BARetirement Plan Policy Number
BBAuthorization Number
Proves that permission was obtained to provide a service
BCBuyer's Contract Number
BDBid Number
BEBusiness Activity
BFBilling Center Identification
BGBeginning Serial Number
BHLease Schedule Number - Blanket
BIBonded Carrier ID Number
BJCarrier's Customs Bond Number
BKBroker's Order Number
BLGovernment Bill of Lading
BMBill of Lading Number
BNBooking Number
BOBin Location Number
BPAdjustment Control Number
Identification assigned to an adjustment for future reference
BQHealth Maintenance Organization Code Number
A unique number assigned to each individual Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health insurance plan (assigned by the HMO)
BRBroker or Sales Office Number
BSSplit Booking Number
BTBatch Number
BUBuyer's Approval Mark
BVPurchase Order Line Item Identifier (Buyer)
BWBlended With Batch Number
Number of the batch with which another batch was blended prior to delivery to customer
BXBuyer' Shipment Mark Number
Number identifying individual bales and total shipments of cotton which have been tested according to U.S. Government regulations
BYRepair Category Number
Classification number for the type of repair performed on a product
BZComplaint Code
Number categorizing customer complaints
C1Customer material specification number
C2Customer process specification number
C3Customer specification number
C4Change Number
C5Customer Tracking Number For Loaned Materials
C6Carnet Number
C7Contract Line Item Number
C8Corrected Contract Number
C9Previous Credit/Debit Adjustment Number
CACost Allocation Reference
CBCombined Shipment
CCContract Co-op Number
CDCredit Note Number
CEClass of Contract Code
CFFleet Reference Number
CGConsignee's Order Number
CHCustomer catalog number
CIUnique Consignment Identifier
CJClause Number
CKCheck Number
CLSeller's Credit Memo
CMCredit Memo
CNCarrier's Reference Number (PRO/Invoice)
COCustomer Order Number
CPCondition of Purchase Document Number
CQCustomshouse Broker License Number
CRCustomer Reference Number
CSCondition of Sale Document Number
CTContract Number
CUClear Text Clause
CVCoil Number
CWCanadian Wheat Board Permit Number
CXConsignment Classification ID
CYCommercial Registration Number
CZContract Rider Number (Used in conjunction with contract number)
D1Drug Enforcement Administration Order Blank Number
D2Supplier Document Identification Number
D3National Association and Boards of Pharmacy Number
A unique number assigned to an individual pharmacy
D4Cut Number
D5Dye Lot Number
D6Duplicate Bill Number
The number of the second or subsequent invoice for the same goods or services
D7Coverage Code
Type of protection provided by an insurance policy
D8Loss Report Number
Sequence number to identify a particular loss and its information. It will be assigned accross all lines of business for a particular customer
D9Claim Number
Sequence number to track the number of claims opened within a particular line of business
DADomicile Branch Number
Home location of product
DBBuyer's Debit Memo
DCDealer purchase order number
DDDocument Identification Code
DEDepositor Number
DFDefense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR)
DGDrawing Number
DHDrug Enforcement Administration Number
DIDistributor Invoice No.
DJDelivery Ticket Number
DKDock Number
DLDebit Memo
DMAssociated Product Number
DNDraft Number
DODelivery Order Number
DPDepartment Number
DQDelivery Quote Number
DRDock Receipt Number
DSDefense Priorities Allocation System (DPAS) Priority Rating
DTDownstream Shipper Contract Number
DUDependents Information
Qualifies text data that describes information about a dependent spouse or children as it pertains to the transportation of household goods
DVDiversion Authority Number
DWDeposit Sequence Number
DXDepartment/Agency Number
DYDepartment of Defense Transportation Service Code Number (Household Goods)
DZCertified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Provider Identification Number
Provider number of the physician that is supervising the registered nurse anesthetist
E1Emergency Order Number
E2Part Causing Repair Number
E3Expansion on Effect of Change Number
Description of additional effects on test or operating procedures as a result of the change to the product
E4Charge Card Number
E5Claimant's Claim Number
Unique number assigned to the claim by the claimant
E6Backout Procedure Code
Description of the procedures required to remove the change to the product in case the change just made causes an unwanted result
E7Service Bulletin Number
E8Service Contract (Coverage) Number
Number or code identifying length and terms of the coverage
E9Attachment Code
Supplementary reference information
EAMedical Record Identification Number
A unique number assigned to each patient by the provider of service (hospital) to assist in retrieval of medical records
EBEmbargo Permit Number
EDExport Declaration
EFElectronic Funds Transfer ID Number
EGEnding Serial Number
EHFinancial Classification Code
EIEmployer's Identification Number
EJPatient Account Number
A unique number assigned to each patient by the provider of service to facilitate retrieval of individual case records tracking of claims submitted to a payer and posting of payment
EKHealthcare Manpower Shortage Area (HMSA) Facility Identification Number
A unique number assigned to facility located in a Health Manpower Shortage Area
ELElectronic device pin number
EMElectronic Payment Reference Number
ENEmbargo Number
EOSubmitter Identification Number
A unique number identifying the submitter of the transaction set
EPExport Permit Number
EQEquipment Number
ERContainer or Equipment Receipt Number
ESEmployer's Social Security Number
ETExcess Transportation
EUEnd User's Purchase Order Number
EVReceiver Identification Number
A unique number identifying the organization/site location designated to receive the current transmitted transaction set
EWMammography Certification Number
Health Care Financing Administration assigned certification number of the certified mammography screening center
EYReceiver Sub-identification Number
A unique code identifying the receiver's specific department or office location for internal routing of electronic claims
EZElectronic Data Interchange Agreement Number
F1Version Code - National
Identifies the release of a set of information or requirements to distinguish from the previous or future sets that may differ; the release in question is on the national level
F2Version Code - Local
Identifies the release of a set of information or requirements to distinguish from the previous or future sets that may differ; the release in question is on the local level
F3Submission Number
A unique number assigned to the submitted transaction set; this number is used by the payer to track every file submitted
F4Facility Certification Number
A unique number assigned to qualifying facilities to perform services
F5Intermediary Version Code
Identifies the release of a set of information or requirements to distinguish from previous or future sets that may differ; the release in question is that which is being used by the Medicare intermediary
F6Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number
A unique number assigned by the government to each person entitled to Medicare benefits
F7New Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number
A revised Health Insurance Claim Number (HIN)
F8Original Reference Number
FAFederal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
FBFile Transfer Form Number
FCFiler Code Issued by Customs
FDFiler Code Issued by Bureau of Census
FEFailure mechanism number
FGFund Identification Number
FHClinic Number
A unique identifying the clinic location that rendered services
FIFile Identifier
FJLine Item Control Number
A unique number assigned to each charge line used for tracking purposes
FKFinish Lot Number
FLFine Line Classification
Fine Line Classifications are used to group related items so that retail stores can perform analyses of sales and shelf space allocation by groups of products
FMFederal Maritime Commisssion (FMC) Forwarders Number
FNForwarder's/Agent's Reference Number
FODrug Formulary Number
FPForestry Permit Number
FRFreight Bill Number
FSFinal Sequence Number
FTForeign Trade Zone
FUFund Code
Defense Fuel Supply Cneter to bill back fuel purchases to the appropriate service or agency account fund
FVHealth Maintenance Organization (HMO) Reference Number
A unique number assiged to each referral or authorization when a claimant visits a provider other than the primary care provider
FWState License Identification Number
A unique number assigned to each provider of service; this number is assigned by state governments and is the provider's legal identification number in the state that is assigned
FXFailure Analysis Report Number
FYClaim Office Number
The identification of the specific payer's location designated as responsible for the submitted claim
G1Prior Authorization Number
An authorization number acquired prior to the submission of a claim
G2Provider Commercial Number
A unique number assigned to a provider by a commercial insurer
G3Predetermination of Benefits Identification Number
A number assigned by a third-party payer identifying the pre-treatment estimate
G4Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approval Number
An authorization number for certain surgical procedures and for an assistant at cataract surgery
G5Provider Site Number
A unique code identifying the provider's specific department or office location for internal routing of electronic claims
G6Payer Assigned Resubmission Reference Number
G7Resubmission Reason Code
A code identifying the reason that the claim was resubmitted
G8Resubmission Number
G9Secondary Employee Identification Number
GAGovernment Advance Progress
GBGrain Block Number
GCGovernment Contract Number
GDReturn Goods Bill of Lading Number
Bill of lading number for returned goods enroute
GEGeographic Number
GFSpecialty License Number
A unique number assigned to each provider of service by specialty
GGGauge Ticket Number
GHIdentification Card Serial Number
GISecondary Provider Number
GJCornbore Certification Number
Certificate stating that shipment is free of cornbores
GKThird Party Reference Number
A unique number assigned to a claim after it has been entered into the third party payer's adjudication system; this number is used by the payer to track claims internally
GMLoan Acquisition Number
Number assigned to a loan during the acquisition process
GNFolder Number
Number used to identify the folder in which the loan is located
GPGovernment Priority Number
GRGrain Order Reference Number
GSGeneral Services Administration Regulations (GSAR)
GTGoods and Service Tax Registration Number
HBBill & Hold Invoice No.
HCHeat Code
HDDepartment of Transportation Hazardous Number
HEHazardous Exemption Number
HIHealth Industry Identification Number
HNHazardous Certification Number
HOShipper's Hazardous Number
HPPack & Hold Invoice No.
Horsepower rating of the engine
HSHarmonized Code System (Canada)
HWHigh/Wide File Number
I2Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Account Number
A code which is mandatory on Joint Facility Billing that indicates that the following is an ICC Account Number
IAInternal Vendor Number
IBIn Bond Number
ICInbound-to Party
IDInsurance Certificate Number
IEInterchange Agreement Number
Number identifying the interchange agreement of a domestic carrier with an ocean carrier
IFIssue Number
IGInsurance Policy Number
IHInitial Dealer Claim Number
Claim number of previously attempted repair
IIInitial Sample Inspection Report Number
IJStandard Industry Classification (SIC) Code
IKInvoice Number
Manufacturer's invoice number for vehicle/component
ILInternal Order Number
IMIntergovernmental Maritime Organization (IMO) Number
INConsignee's Invoice Number
IOInbound-to or Outbound-from Party
IPInspection Report Number
IRIntra Plant Routing
ISInvoice Number Suffix
ITInternal Customer Number
IUBarge Permit Number
Identification of permit for rail traffic moving on a barge
IVSeller's Invoice Number
IWPart Interchangeability
Specifies the interchange relationship between an old part number and a new part number (replaced and replacing part numbers)
IXItem Number
IZInsured Parcel Post Number
Number assigned to control an insured parcel post shipment from shipper to consignee
JABeginning Job Sequence Number
JBJob (Project) Number
JEEnding Job Sequence Number
JSJob Sequence Number
K1Foreign Military Sales Notice Number
Number assigned to control a foreign military sales shipment from shipper to consignee
K2Certified Mail Number
Number assigned by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to monitor the movement of certified mail from point of acceptance by USPS to point of delivery
K3Registered Mail Number
Number assigned by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to monitor the movement of mail from point of acceptance by USPS to point of delivery
K4Criticality Designator
A number assigned to a contract or order that expresses the relative importance of that contract or order and thereby assists the contractor in making performance decisions and assists in making production surveillance decisions
K8Project Number
A number for a nested part of a project
K9Cost Type Number
A breakdown of the type cost being incurred
KBBeginning Kanban Serial Number
KEEnding Kanban Serial Number
KGForeclosing Status
KHType of Law Suit
KIType of Outstanding Judgement
KJTax Lien Jurisdiction
KMRental Account Number
KNCensus Automated Files ID
An ID given by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to those parties having fulfilled the necessary requirements to be able to file shipper's export declaration data directly with the Census through automated means
KOCustoms Drawback Entry Number
A number given to importers by U.S. Customs which have filed for ``drawbacks,'' of certain import duties
KPHealth Certificate Number
A certificate given by the veterinary authorities regarding the health of animals being shipped
KRResponse to a Request for Quotation Reference
A discrete number assigned for identification purpose to a response to a request for quotation
A discreet number assigned by the purchasing activity to differentiate between different solicitations
KTRequest for Quotation Reference
A discrete number assigned for identification purposes to a request for quotation
KUOffice Symbol
A number assigned for reference to a specific office within an organization
A number, taken from an acquisition regulation, which represents a specific certification that must be made by a prospective vendor before a contract or order can be placed with that vendor
A number, taken from an acquisition regulation, which represents a specific representation that must be made by a prospective vendor before a contract or order can be placed with that vendor
KYSite Specific Procedures, Terms, and Conditions
A set of procedures, terms, and conditions, applicable to a category of procurement emanating from a specific location, which will be incorporated into all procurement actions in that category by referencing its unique number rather than by incorporating the lengthy details it represents
KZMaster Solicitation Procedures, Terms, and Conditions
A set of standard procedures, terms, and conditions, applicable to a category of procurement, which will be incorporated into all procurement actions in that category by referencing its unique number rather than by incorporating the lengthy details it represents
L1Letters or Notes
L2Location on Product Code
L3Labor Operation Number
Uniquely identifies the repair actions performed
L4Proposal Reference Number
The place in a proposal where additional information can be found
L5Subexhibit Line Item Number
A further subdivision of a contract exhibit line item
L6Subcontract Line Item Number
A further subdivision of a contract line item number
LAShipping Label Serial Number
LCLease Number
LDLoan Number
LELender Entity Number
LFAssembly Line Feed Location
LGLease Schedule Number
LHLongitude Expressed in Seconds
LILine Item Identifier (Seller's)
LJLocal Jurisdiction
LKLongitude expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
LLLatitude Expressed in Seconds
LMProduct Period for which Labor Costs are Firm
LNNon pickup Limited Tariff Number
LOLoad Planning Number
LPFor Pickup Limited Freight Tariff Number
LQLatitude Expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
LRLocal Student Identification Number
A student identification number assigned by a local school or school district
LSBar-Coded Serial Number
LTLot Number
LULocation Number
LVLicense Plate Number
LWLocation Within Equipment
LZLender Account Number
M1Material Storage Location
M2Major Force Program
Defense Fuel Supply Center to bill back fuel purchases to the appropriate service or agency account fund
M3Crop Year
M4Lease Agreement Number - Master
M5Lease Agreement Amendment Number - Master
MAShip Notice/Manifest Number
MBMaster Bill of Lading
MCMicrofilm Number
MDMagazine Code
MEMessage Address or ID
MFManufacturers Part Number
MGMeter Number
MHManufacturing Order Number
MIMill Order Number
MJModel Number
MKManifest Key Number
MLMilitary Rank/Civilian Pay Grade Number
MMMaster Lease Agreement Number
MOManufacturing Operation Number
MPMultiple P.O.s of an Invoice
MQMeter Proving Report Number
MRMerchandise Type Code
MSManufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet Number
MTMeter Ticket Number
MUMilitary Specification (MILSPEC) Number
MVMigrant Number, This number is assigned by the national Migrant Records Transfer System
MWMilitary Call Number
Assigned by the military to identify a billing period
MYModel year number
N0Nomination Number
Shipper-assigned bulk product number identifying a request for pipeline transportation services which is used to relate an into-plane delivery to the bulk fuel movement from which it was derived
N1Local School Course Number
N2Local School District Course Number
N3Statewide Course Number
A course number assigned by the state education agency to courses taught in public schools
N4United States Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Course Number
A proposed course number to be assigned by NCES to identify a common grouping of subject area content and sequence
NANorth American Hazardous Classification Number
NBLetter of Credit Number
NCNonconformance Report Number
NDLetter of Credit Draft Number
NELease Rider Number
Qualifies a code that identifies the authorizing documentation for a household goods shipment
NFNational Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Code
A unique number assigned to each insurance company
NGNatural Gas Policy Act Category Code
NNNonconformance Report Number
NONo OT5 Authority-zero Mileage Rate
NPPartial Payment Number
NRProgress Payment Number
NSNational Stock Number
NXRelated Nonconformance Number
O5OT5 Authority-Condition or Restriction on Car Hire Rate
OAOutlet Number
OBOcean Bill of Lading
OCOcean Container Number
ODOriginal Return Request Reference Number
A sequential number assigned by the originator of the original return request
OIOriginal Invoice Number
OLOriginal Shipper's Bill of Lading Number
Number on the Original Bill of Lading assigned by the shipper
OMOcean Manifest
ONDealer Order Number
OPOriginal Purchase Order
OQOrder Number
Qualifies a code that identifies the authorizing documentation for a household goods
OROrder/Paragraph Number
OSOutbound-from Party
OTSales Allowance Number
OWService Order Number
Number assigned when a customer orders service and equipment and which appears on bill
P1Previous Contract Number
P2Previous Drug Enforcement Administration Number.
P3Previous customer reference number.
P4Project Code
P5Position Code
P6Pipeline Number
P7Product Line Number
P8Pickup Reference Number
P9Page Number
PAPrice Area Number
PBPayer's Financial Institution Account Number for Check, Draft, or Wire Payments. Originating Company Account Number for ACH Transfers.
PCProduction Code
PDPromotion/Deal Number
PEPlant Number
PFPrime Contractor Contract Number
PGProduct Group
PHPriority Rating
PIPrice List Change or Issue Number
PJPacker Number
PKPacking List Number
PLPrice List Number
PMPart Number
PNPermit Number
POPurchase Order Number
PPPurchase Order Revision Number
PQPayee Identification
PRPrice Quote Number
PSPurchase Order Number Suffix
PTPurchase Option Agreement
PUPrevious Bill of Lading Number
PVProduct change information number
PWPrior purchase order number
PXPrevious Invoice Number
PYPayee's Financial Institution Account Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments. Receiving Company Account Number for ACH Transfer.
PZProduct Change Notice Number
Q1Quote Number
Q2Starting Package Number
The beginning package number in a shipment or container of numbered packages
Q3Ending Package Number
The ending package number in a shipment or container of numbered packages
Q4Prior Identifier Number
Q5Property Control Number
Unique number assigned at order entry used for tracking purposes
Q6Recall Number
Q7Receiver Claim Number
Q8Registration Number
Code describing which type of registration is being submitted
Q9Repair Order Number
Repairing outlet's unique order number
QAPress Identifier
QBPress Form Identifier
QCProduct Specification Document Number
Model designation of replacement component
QDReplacement Drug Enforcement Administration Number
QEReplacement Customer Reference Number
QFQuality Disposition Area Identifier
QGReplacement Assembly Model Number
QHReplacement Assembly Serial Number
Serial number of replacement component
QIQuality Inspection Area Identifier
QJReturn Material Authorization Number
QKSales Program Number
Identifies specific sales program/promotion
QLService Authorization Number
Identifies pre-authorized submittal or payment of a claim
QMQuality Review Material Crib Identifier
QNStop Sequence Number
QOService Estimate Number
Code that identifies special handling requirements
QPSubstitute Part Number
QQUnit Number
QRQuality Report Number
QSWarranty Coverage Code
Number of code identifying length and terms of the coverage
QTWarranty Registration Number
QUChange Verification Procedure Code
Description of procedures required to verify that the change made to the product accomplishes the desired effect
QVMajor System Affected Code
QWNew Part Number
QXOld Part Number
QYService Performed Code
Number indicating the type of service performed to repair a product
QZReference Drawing Number
R1Current Revision Number
R2Canceled Revision Number
R3Correction Number
R4Tariff Section Number
R5Tariff Page Number
R6Tariff Rule Number
R7Accounts Receivable Open Item
R8Rental Agreement Number
R9Rejection Number
RARepetitive Cargo Shipment Number
RBRate code number
RCRail Routing Code
RDReel Number
RERelease Number
RFExport Reference Number
RGRoute Order Number-Domestic
RHRoute Order Number-Export
RIRelease invoice number for prior bill and hold.
RJRoute Order Number-Emergency
RKRack Type Number
RLReserve Assembly Line Feed Location
RMRaw material supplier Dun & Bradstreet number
RNRun Number
RORepetitive Booking Number
RPRepetitive Pattern Code
RQPurchase Requisition No.
RRPayer's Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments. Originating Depository Financial Institution Routing Number for ACH Transfers.
RSReturnable Container Serial Number
RTPayee's Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments. Receiving Depository Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for ACH Transfers.
RURoute Number
RVReceiving Number
RWRepetitive Waybill Code (Origin Carrier, Standard Point Location Code, Repetitive Waybill Code Number)
RXResubmit number
RYRebate Number
RZReturned Goods Authorization Number
S1Engineering Specification Number
S2Military Specification Number (MILSPEC)
S3Specification Number
S4Shippers Bond Number
Number differentiating between shipper's bond movements by intermodal shippers and ocean carriers and in-bond movements which default to the carrier's bond
S5Routing Instruction Number
Directions for Claim Routing
S6Stock Number
S7Stack Train Identification
S8Seal Off Number
S9Seal On Number
SBSales Region Number
SCShipper Car Order Number
SDSubday Number
A sequential number denoting the order of meter readings taken during a single day, assigned by the party responsible for the measurement of gas at the meter
SESerial Number
SFShip From
SHSender Defined Clause
SIShipper's Identifying Number for Shipment (SID)
SJSet Number
SKService Change Number
SLSales/Territory Code
SMSales Office Number
SNSeal Number
SOShipper's Order (Invoice Number)
SPScan Line
SQContainer Sequence Number
SRSales Responsibility
SSSplit Shipment Number
STStore Number
SUSpecial Processing Code
Unique code identifying the special handling requirements for the claim
SVService Charge Number
SWSeller's Sale Number
SXService Interrupt Tracking Number
SYSocial Security Number
SZSpecification Revision
T1Tax Exchange Code
T2Tax Form Code
T3Tax Schedule Code
T4Signal Code
Defense Fuel Supply Center to bill back fuel purchases to the appropriate service or agency account fund
T5Trailer Use Agreements
T6Tax Filing
T7Affected Subsystem Code
T8Description of Change Code
T9Documentation Affected Number
TATelecommunication Circuit Supplemental ID
TBTrucker's Bill of Lading
TCVendor Terms
TDReason for Change
TEFederal Maritime Commission (FMC) Tariff Number
TFTransfer Number
TGTransportation Control Number (TCN)
THTransportation Account Code (TAC)
TITIR Number
TJFederal Taxpayer's Identification Number
TKTank Number
TLTax License Exemption
TMTravel Manifest (ACI or OTR)
TNTransaction Reference Number
TOTerminal Operator Number
TPTest Specification Number
TQTracer Action Request Number
TRGovernment Transportation Request
TSTariff Number
TTTerminal Code
TUTrial Location Code
To identify one of a group of possible sites within a system or set of systems where an engineering change is to modelled and tested before proceeding to install the change on all possible sites; the change may have been specified by a service bulletin
TVLine of Business
Indicates the nature of policy coverage; examples of line of business include fire, homeowners, flood and earthquake
TWTax Worksheet
TXTax Exempt Number
TYPolicy Type
The type of policy being billed; examples of policy type include Package Policy and Forced Placed
TZTotal Cycle Number
A complete set of events occuring in the same sequence
UBUnacceptable Source Purchaser ID
UDUnacceptable Source DUNS Number
UGU.S. Government Transportation Control Number
UNUnited Nations Hazardous Classification Number
UPUpstream Shipper Contract Number
USUnacceptable Source Supplier ID
UTUnit Train
V1Volume Purchase Agreement Number
V3Voyage Number
VAVessel Agent Number
VBDepartment of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations (VAAR)
VCVendor Contract Number
VDVolume Number
VEVendor Abbreviation Code
VFVendor Change Identification Code
Vendor's product change notice number
VGVendor Change Procedure Code
Vendor's name and document number for the affected change procedure
VNVendor Order Number
VPVendor Product Number
A unique number assigned by a vendor or manufacturer to identify its products
VRVendor ID Number
VSVendor Order Number Suffix
VTMotor Vehicle ID Number
VXValue-Added Tax Registration Number (Europe)
W1Defense Turn-In Document Number
Identifies material submitted for reutilization and marketing
W2Weapon System Number
Identifies a weapon system
W3Manufacturing Directive Number
Identifies the Management Control Activity and contract associated with government furnished material transactions
W4Procurement Request Number
Identifies a transaction resulting in a contract established to provide material
W5Inspector Identification Number
Identifies the manufacturer's material inspector
W6Federal Supply Schedule Number
Identifies an item with a two-digit group number, two-digit part number, and one-character section letter
W7Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code
Code that identifies a commercial contractor authorized to do business with the U.S. Government
Differentiates between partial actions taken on the original transaction
W9Special Packaging Instruction Number
Number assigned to distinguish between special packaging instruction specifications
WCContract Option Number
The number of contract option years remaining on the current contract
WDReview Period Number
An indicator representing the period of time before which an action will occur
WMWeight Agreement Number
WNWell Number
WOWork Order Number
Number assigned for work including material and labor beyond normal work required to fulfill a service order
WPWarehouse Pick Ticket Number
WRWarehouse Receipt Number
WSWarehouse storage location number
WYRail Waybill Number
X9Internal Control Number
Number assigned by the managing office to provide internal processing information
XASubstitute National Stock Number
A national stock number that can take the place of another
XBSubstitute Manufacturer's Part Number
A manufacturer's part number that can take the place of another
XCCargo Control Number
XDSubsistence Identification Number
Item identifier is a brand-name resale subsistence item
XETransportation Priority Number
Number indicating the level of government priority associated with the transportation of a shipment
XFGovernment Bill of Lading Office Code
XGAirline Ticket Number
XHContract Auditor ID Number
XPPrevious Cargo Control Number
XTToxicology ID
XXRating Period
Z1Safety of Ship Certificate
Number of a document guaranteeing the safety of a ship
Z2Safety of Radio Certificate
Number of a document guaranteeing the safety of radio equipment on board a vessel
Z3Safety Equipment Certificate
Number of a document specifying and guaranteeing the safety equipment on board a vessel
Z4Civil Liabilities of Oil Certificate
Number of a document certifying the civil liabilities of oil on board a vessel
Z5Load Line Certificate
Number of a document specifying the depth to which a vessel should sink when properly loaded
Z6Derat Certificate
Number of a document guaranteeing that a vessel has been freed of rats
Z7Maritime Declaration of Health
Number of a document declaring the health conditions of a ship
ZBUltimate Consignee
ZCConnecting Carrier
ZECoal Authority Number
ZMManufacturer Number
Number that identifies a manufacturer, typically a Commerical and Government Entity (CAGE) code, and contributes to the uniqueness of a product identification
ZRSupplier (Replacement)
Number that identifies a replacement supplier typically a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, and contributes to the uniqueness of a product indentification from a replacement supply source
ZSSoftware Application Number
ZZMutually Defined

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